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Industry Arabic


If you’ve ever tried to run an important Arabic translation project, you know it’s a pain.

If you’ve ever faced:

  • Translators who deliver late or can’t keep pace with the needs of your office
  • Freelancers from internet translation sites that disappear into thin air when you need them the most
  • Sloppy translators who fail to properly research basic things like the spellings of your organization, names or key places
  • Worst of all, rush jobs that don’t capture the style or meaning you need, leaving a finished product that is one step above machine translated gibberish

We know these problems all too well.

For the past four years, we’ve been the Arabic language “point men” inside organizations whose success depends on top quality translations from Arabic to English, and English to Arabic.

While many of our colleagues saw translation as a boring “back office” issue, we knew the reality:

Translation Is Your Organization’s Lifeblood

  • If you’re a development NGO working in Egypt, Libya or Syria, good translations ensure your workshops and presentations strike the right chord with your community.
  • If you’re a Western multinational firm entering Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or any major Arab market, professional Arabic marketing materials prove you are committed for the long haul.
  • If you’re an international organization like the UN or International Criminal Court, you face tremendous challenges keeping your Arabic to English (and vice versa) content and reports consistent and accurate, across thousands of pages of text.

Despite the vital strategic importance of good translation between Arabic and English, we noticed that many of our colleagues were frustrated.

They were getting translations of uneven quality from big translation companies, while the best freelancers were either booked solid, or unable to keep pace when large projects came up.

That’s why we founded Industry Arabic in 2011.

We assembled a team of elite-level translators from the best universities in the world, combined them with cutting-edge project management systems and an unwavering commitment to helping our clients succeed. And since then…

We Have Helped Over 300 Clients, Including the UN and Fortune 100 Companies, Tackle their Most Challenging Arabic Translation Projects

Here are some examples of our current and past projects:

  • Translating a 326,000 Word Technical Training Manual into Arabic in 6 Weeks: A high profile international organization required a technical document to be translated into Arabic. This document included schematics and detailed technical instructions. Using a team of 9 translators and 3 editors to review translations and ensure continuity of terminology, we completed the document in less than 6 weeks, and were met with glowing client feedback.
  • Daily Media Translations for Think Tank Blog on Egyptian Politics: A prominent Washington-based international relations think tank relies on Industry Arabic for consistent, next-day turnaround translations of political analysis articles.
  • Rapid Legal Translation to Support International Litigation: A high-profile international legal case relies on Industry Arabic for ongoing translations related to their work. Industry Arabic personnel have passed the client’s in-house background investigations and take special security procedures to ensure document confidentiality and secure transmission.

12 More Reasons to Work With Industry Arabic:

1. We’re Arabic Specialists: Unlike some big translation companies who offer every language under the sun, Industry Arabic works exclusively on English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation. This means that everyone from senior management to project managers, and of course our team of translators is 100% fluent in Arabic. This focus has allowed us to pull together a team of experienced linguists with unmatched depth and expertise.

2. Our Elite Translators Have Deep Subject Matter Expertise: Members of our team are subject matter specialists in the fields of engineering, law, medicine, politics, and international development. Each week we test, interview and reference check new linguists to join our team. Fewer than 1 in 20 pass this process and are invited to join our network of translators.

3. Two-Linguist Quality Assurance Process: Before any work is returned to clients, it undergoes at least two rounds of review, one by the initial translator and a second editing and proofreading round by an independent linguist. This helps our translations reach the highest levels of accuracy and appropriateness for the intended audience.

4.  White Glove Service: Responsive, flexible service is our hallmark, so you can always get in touch with us if you have a question, tight client deadline, or any other issue. Contact us here.

5. We Arabize Your Graphics: When translating PowerPoint presentations, charts, and other graphical materials, it is critical to manipulate these images in Photoshop so that they match Arabic’s right-to-left orientation. We handle this in-house so you can rest assured that your visual materials will look coherent and impactful in the target language. We also offer Arabic desktop publishing services with Adobe InDesign.

6. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We are so confident that you’ll love our services that we offer an unlimited number of revisions within 30 days of document delivery. While the vast majority of our clients never need revisions, you can relax knowing that we are always happy to work with you until you are completely happy with the final product.

7. We Take Confidentiality Seriously: Our small size allows us to develop close professional relationships with our linguists and enforce stricter confidentiality and data protection guidelines than larger firms with literally thousands of linguists. We are also able to use one-time encrypted email accounts for your most sensitive documents, or adapt our team to your internal security policies. Read more here.

8. Big Jobs Done Fast: Our network of tested translators allows us to get large documents done in a fraction of the time by splitting up large jobs between multiple translators and using an Arabic to English or English to Arabic translation glossary to keep terms consistent.

9. We Work While You Sleep: Our linguists are based in North America, Europe, and the Middle East so we can distribute your most time-sensitive translations around the globe for faster completion.

10.  Certified Arabic Legal Translation Services: For legal, immigration papers, and other important documents, Industry Arabic offers notarized, certified translations.

11. Beyond Arabic Translation: An expertise in Arabic language allows us to add value to consulting work, international negotiations, sales efforts, software design, research projects, film subtitling, and more. Have something in mind? Contact us here.

12. In-Person And Telephone Interpretation: Have an important meeting or event coming up? Let Industry Arabic provide a simultaneous or consecutive interpreter from our team. We can support Arabic interpretation projects in Washington DC, New York, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah, Amman, Cairo, Alexandria, Tripoli (Libya) and Benghazi.

Who Are We?

Since we started Industry Arabic in May 2011, we’ve helped over 300 clients, from private individuals to Fortune 100 companies, handle their most challenging technical, legal and political translations from Arabic to English and English to Arabic.

Nathan Field (Co-Founder): Holds a Masters in International Security from Georgetown University and spent several years as a journalist in Egypt followed by a two year stint with a top US engineering firm in Jeddah working on high-level consulting projects with the Saudi government.

Will Ward (Co-Founder): Holds a Masters in Middle Eastern Studies from St. Antony’s College, Oxford and recently finished working on a UN-funded program to encourage women’s political participation in Libya. Previously, he was based in Cairo as Managing Editor of Arab Media & Society, a journal focused on the political and social impact of new media and information technology in the Middle East.

Brian Powell (Translation Manager): A graduate of the American University in Cairo’s prestigious Arabic language CASA program, Brian holds a Masters in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Arizona.

What Our Clients Say:

“Industry Arabic worked hard and fast to help me deal with a demanding client in the Arabian Gulf utilities sector, by quickly adapting to the client’s feedback and fitting in as a virtual member of my project team. They were flexible, responsive and proactive in suggesting solutions to get the work done. I am highly satisfied with the service.”

– Sean, Global infrastructure design and engineering consultancy

Industry Arabic is everything we hoped for; very fast turn-around time and accurate translation of both the letter and the spirit of our reports. However, the icing on the cake is the management and project communication. We always know what stage our translation request is at and when we can expect to have it finished.”

– Captain Stephen Thomas, Motor Yacht Fadlalah, Saudi Arabia

Industry Arabic has demonstrated on numerous occasions that it has deep knowledge of the complexities of the Arabic language, an extensive technical vocabulary, and a firm grasp of the key differences between regions of the Middle East. Virtually every time we have worked with Industry Arabic we were up against tight deadlines but they have always been able to deliver.

– Kevin Nolan, Vice President, Grayling

“Industry Arabic has done a number of excellent translations for the Hollings Center.  We are impressed by their quick turnaround and their capacity to tackle translations for a number of subjects–from punchy publications on foreign policy issues in the Middle East to nuanced translations of academic subjects such as oral history.”

– Dr. George Gavrilis, Executive Director, The Hollings Center for International Dialogue

“They have quickly become our go-to source for translating legal texts and routine correspondence, and I know our team can count on them for quick turnaround and great service.”

– Raad Omar, Chairman, Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce and  Industry

“Industry Arabic provides rapid, accurate translation services for our weekly ‘In Translation’ series, showcasing an article from the Arab press. Articles from a range of countries (and thus Arabic vernaculars) and on very varied topics were translated with nuance, at times on difficult subjects such as Islamic theology. Industry Arabic has gone the extra mile in our partnership, keeping up with sometimes short-notice requests, and never let down.”

– Issandr El Amrani, publisher of

“Thanks to Industry Arabic, I’m off to finish my research on schedule, and I have a translated summary of my research ready for anyone else who might need it. I was particularly impressed by the professionalism and speed of service.”

  – Emma, University of Pennsylvania, Middle East Researcher

Here’s What To Do Next:

Thanks for reading and we hope to have the opportunity to work together soon.

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